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The Short Story

My career began when I was six. My dad, a pioneer used wholesale car dealer in New Jersey, taught me how to match receipts to statements, calculate expenses and compare them to the initial costs to derive the profit or loss. He also showed me that beyond the numbers, the true value of any deal is the customer themself. Much more than any given product or service —is our connection to each other. Our humanity outweighs any single deal. In short, the bottom line for success is a merger of needs with an authentic delivery. At its essence, today’s online world works like the offline world of my dad’s generation; it just takes a bit more creativity and alignment.


I studied film and art at Montclair State University. Working my way through school in retail sales, I was highly motivated and very hands on, happy to do whatever it took to get the job done. My senior year college internship was awesome! I worked in ABC Television’s International Sales and Marketing department on Seventh Avenue, in NYC. While it was a referral that got me the internship, it was my work ethic and personality that got me hired full-time staff by the close of the semester.  From that point, I knew then that anything was possible if you apply yourself, stay true and be your best every day. 


During a brief stint in L. A., I worked with friends Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall but longed to return to my hometown of New York City, where I worked the ranks in a TV production company. I became an On-Air Promotions writer and producer of daily topical spots for talk shows like Donohue, Sally, Montel Williams, and Jerry Springer.  Transitioning into Broadcast News as a Senior Writer/Producer of daily topical spots my clients were NBC’s Live at Five, the Today Show, ABC’s Eyewitness News, and Fox 5. Additionally, I freelanced for CNBC, HBO, COURT TV, and many other news, magazine, and talk shows, creating proof of performance spots, radio spots, and print advertisements. 


Focusing on family time, I segued out of the demands of producing daily on-air commercial work into writing content for small businesses and also as a journalist for a local community newspaper. As Elle Content Mrktg, I have had clients in the legal profession, automotive industry, and food and hospitality businesses. I have conducted countless interviews with people from all walks of life, including business titans, senators, Miss Universe, and creative types, both big and small. My background is diverse but consistent — I am a capable self-starter who knows how to cultivate a brand message and a committed player you want on your team. 

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